The Swiss Army…What?

In the Beginning…

Welcome. My name is Jeff Loy and I’ve determined that the world simply can’t exist without yet another blog.

(Yes, that was sarcasm).

I think the best way to start is to determine what this little corner of the Internet isn’t:

• It is not related to any military branch of a small European county that feels it’s best to avoid conflict, but still manages to produce some darn fine timepieces, chocolate and hole-plagued (but quite tasty) cheese.

• This blog is also not affiliated with any company that produces knives, multi-tools or any other cutlery that share the same name as the aforementioned small European country. I do, on the other hand, possess an obscene number of these cutting instruments and cannot find any of them when I really need something with 50 tools packed into it. It took me two hours just to find the one I photographed for the graphic above. But I digress.

What’s In a Name?

As a communications specialist, my talents include photography, web design, Photoshop graphics, online publications and socia

Swiss Army Knife

l media among other things. While creating my “ten second elevator speech,” I kept trying to sum these skills up in a way that both illustrated the point and made me memorable to my audience. In a fit of utter frustration, I came up with the opening line “I am a Swiss army knife of communications skills” and it stuck.

The Swiss Army knife reference not only reflects my broad range skills, but also the varied subjects that are involved in the communications field. As a result, it will be a smorgasbord of subjects including those mentioned above as well as a jaunt or two into marketing. I admit that I’m certainly not an expert on that subject, but as an avid consumer, I like to think I know good marketing when I see it.

It might also veer off into employment issues, such as trends in the workforce and how work itself is changing. As a job seeker for the past several months, I’ve had a front row seat to a lot of these issues. I’ve also long believed that companies are requiring less people to do more work and as a result, we’re all becoming Swiss army knives in our respective professions.

Working the Angles

A large part of my career has been spent in photography and I learned early on that good photographers use a technique that I once heard photojournalist David Leeson describe as “working the situation.” This means trying to make a photograph from various angles in order to find the shot that best (and accurately) illustrates the subject.  That’s the plan here.

Even though I’m paying the bills on this thing, it’s more than just me shoving my opinion down the reader’s throat. I think there’s too much of that going on these days and feel looking at something from different angles and actually having civil discourse on a subject needs to make a comeback. Along with playing both sides of the fence on issues, I hope to have guest posts from a variety of individuals (contact me if you’re interested) and plan to leave comments open as long as they don’t cross the line. Then again, who doesn’t love a good death threat?

Please Return Your Internet Browser to the
Upright Position

As they might say in the airline industry: “We here at The Swiss Army Blog know that you have many choices in your time killing endeavors. We appreciate you choosing us to help procrastinate from doing real work and hope you will join us in the future to avoid it again.”